The IIs Reminisce

Over the last couple of weeks, the IIs have been at school independently and have been adjusting fine. However, most of their play has been reflecting their family life and their relatives.

“Yes, mentioning their parents in play is typical. The IIs are learning to be in school without their grown ups so bringing them into their play is a way to feel connected to them while being away from them,” said Sara Hance, the IIs teacher, in a text.

For instance, Echo Mogadassi Doig, a II, pointed to two baby dolls and said, “This is my mommy and this is my daddy. They always come back. My daddy picks me up from school.” Echo was even placing clay on top of the baby dolls’ heads to replicate their hair.

“My mommy has longer hair than my daddy,”Echo said.

The IIs have also been talking about their new family members since many of the IIs have recently become older siblings.

“I have a baby brother,” said Remy Salvaris.

“I have a baby brother named Dylan,” yelled Lukas Rudin.

“I have a new baby sister at home,” said Aanya Patel in response to Remi and Lukas.

Saying goodbye to your parents can be a very difficult task to do, especially for a two-year-old. However, it seems like this year IIs are handling it very well. There have been a few tears due to the separation, but in general, they are a strong bunch and seem to be adjusting just fine.

“The IIs are doing well with being independent at school. Learning all the school norms while experimenting with the basic materials,” said Sara.

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