Social Media: Blessing or Curse

Social media is a huge part of people's everyday lives. Children and adults use it alike. I know that some adults, who grew up with very little technology, may be a bit apprehensive about the future because the future of social media is vastly unknown and the concept is very new. Also, social media opens up a world of communication that cyberbullying has come out of. Some people find this application helpful in their everyday work or school life as it can be informational in some areas. It’s hard to know if social media is something we should run towards or stay away from. Some people, both children and adults, think social media is a blessing. People are able to connect with friends or loved ones who live far away. Most teenagers get some of their information on current events from social media. When a teenager sees something on the news they may ignore it. Teenagers care about social media so when they see something connected to current events and our world they listen. “It can be informational, it depends what you are looking at,” Mia Rutkovsky of the XIIIs remarked. Some people, adults in particular, think social media is taking over people's lives entirely. Now, if one posts something on social media and decides that they want to delete it, it is never fully erased. There is always the history of that photograph. Also one of the biggest problems with social media is cyber-bullying. “Cyber-bullying is is a terrible thing and usually happens because of jealousy,” said Mia Rutkovsky. According to TeenSafe 87 percent of teens today have been cyberbullied in some way, and 72 percent of those people are bullied because of their looks. Teenagers are posting more and more hurtful comments, photographs, or videos directed to hurt someone because they have all of this new access to social media they never had before. In the end nobody really knows what the future of social media beholds. People around the world are both excited and or frightened.

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