New Students

Henry “Holt” Cleary is a one of two new students in the IVsL. Henry formerly attended the Bija Project Kids Preschool in Brooklyn. Bija is a progressive school, similar to C&C. He really enjoys his new school and feels that C&C “is a ‘funner’ school than Bija” and he thinks that “roof yard is fun, and my new friends are very nice to me.” Henry’s favorite movie series is Star Wars.

Simon Grossman, IVsL. Simon is excited to be a IV this year. His favorite activity is building with blocks. “I build with blocks everyday!” he exclaimed. When asked if he is enjoying being a IV, he replied, “Yeah!”

Nur Parnes Molcho, IVsN, previously lived in Tel Aviv, the capital of Israel. She speaks primarily Hebrew, and is very good at understanding teachers and classmates through hand signals. She also likes to draw.

Olivia Mumford, IVsN, went to the Acorn School on 26th St, a non-profit organization made for 2-4 year old education, prior to going to C&C. She loves to draw with her classmates.

Pierce Shea, IVsN, previously went to Corlears, a school that goes from nursery through elementary on 324 W 15th St, before going to C&C. He likes that the school is big and enjoys reading with his teachers.

Edie Darman, VsM, previously went to West Village Nursery, not far from C&C. She has two siblings who attend C&C, Jane in the XIs and Emma in the VIIIs. Edie loves to use the monkey bars in during Yard. She enjoys painting, drawing, and reading.

Emmet O’Hare, VsM, came from a school in the West Village. C&C is his first experience with the blocks from the Block Yard. Outside of school he plays soccer.

Anthony Mafaro Jr. is one of five new students in the VsM. Anthony used to go to P.S. 40 on East 20th Street in Manhattan. P.S. 40 is a diverse, neighborhood public school. Anthony is not used to some of the materials such as blocks and pattern sticks, and is excited to learn and play with them.

Lucy Walkush is a new student in the VsM who came from P.S. 41. So far she enjoys C&C and is settling in to her new role as a five. She is used to the blocks in the classroom, but the block yard is a new experience for her.

Ian Adler is a new VsW student. He was previously enrolled in TCS Preschool in Manhattan. Ian thinks that C&C is a fun school and he likes to play blocks the most. Ian became friends with many of the Vs quickly. Ian likes to go to the park after school and loves to have fun at the beach in the summer.

Stella Goodhart, VsW. Last year she attended a primary school. Stella said, “My favorite thing about C&C is everything!” She also offered more information about herself by saying, “At home, I love to run around!”

Odin Maktal, VsW, began playing with boards while being interviewed. He loves playing in the Block Yard. He also enjoys playing with legos at school and at home. He came from The Acorn School in Manhattan.

Sabine Mehta, VsW, previously, attended Montessori School. River Yard clearly means a lot to Sabine. When asked to be interviewed, she said, “Wait, let me go down the slide first.” After landing on two feet, she began describing how watching TV was her favorite thing to do at home.

Jase Sealey is a new student in the VsW. Before C&C he went to PS 93 in Brooklyn. Jase says that lunch is his favorite time of day because he can play with his friends and eat. Jase then shared his interest in basketball. “When I grow up I want to be a basketball player,” he said shyly.

Greyson Frazier, VlsE, is a new student who came from the Storefront School, where Trayshia Rogers (the co-teacher for the Xllls) came from. At C&C, he likes building with blocks both inside and outside. He’s looking forward to painting, which he knows he will enjoy. He is also excited for no homework.

Cleopatra Stone, VlsE, also known as Cleo, came from the Spruce Street School. She enjoys circuses, block building in the Yard, and painting. She also likes how nice the community is at C&C. Cleo’s excited for the Vls’ restaurant because of her experience in after-school cooking.

Kiki Flammang, VlllsJ, is a new student in the middle school. She likes math, Yard, Library, and loves to draw. Kiki formerly attended P.S. 340, which is only a couple of blocks away from C&C. She likes how nice the people are at City and Country. Kiki is excited for this school year and particularly eager to explore the Native American culture.

Atai Farnes Molcho is a new student in the VIIIsN. He moved to New York in August from Tel Aviv, Israel. He enjoys basketball, soccer, listening to rock music, and reading. Atai’s favorite part so far this year has been Yard. Nancy describes him as a “very talented artist,” and we are glad to have him as part of the C&C community.

Tabitha Broderick is a returning student at C&C. She was here from the IIIs-VIIs and is now in the IXsK. She enjoys swimming and has been ice skating since she was 4. Tabitha is really excited for the school store and the country trip this year.

Kai Levinger is the new student in the XsMo. He came from the Ideal School, where he had been since he was five. His first impressions of C&C are that it is less strict than Ideal. He also enjoys the jobs program at C&C. Outside of school he plays tennis and swims.

Miguel Robayo, XIsD, used to attend Englewood on the Palisades Charter School. Miguel loves playing soccer during his free time, and is currently on the C&C soccer team. When asked about C&C, he said, “This is the best school ever!”

Saia Rodriguez, XIsD. Saia previously attended The School in the Garden. She enjoys reading. Her favorite book is “Where the Mountain Meets the Moon.” When asked what she likes about City and Country School she said, “I like the library.”

Emmanuel Harris is a new student in the XIIsP. He is also a part of C&C’s soccer and volleyball team and plans on joining the basketball team this year. He previously went to I.S 51, which is located in Staten Island.

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