IIIs’ Building Adventures

One of the most amazing parts of being in the IIIs is building. The IIIs build during work time and on the roof are exploring freedom by using boxes, boards, and sawhorses in their creations. Similarly, in the classrooms, the IIIs use blocks, Legos, and Magnatiles. They use these tools to roleplay with one another, using their wonderous imaginations. But, the IIIs’ most favorite part about building is working together to construct whatever their minds can think of.

In IIIsR, the IIIs came up to the roof one by one with their grown-ups. When they stepped foot on the roof, they immediately began to grab materials and started working.

“We are making construction; me, Bronya and Benji,” says Ruby Sumner. The IIIs made loud siren noises as they stacked longboards and sawhorses to create a construction site. Damian Lucca noticed that his classmates were in need of refreshment, so he built his own ice cream truck. He put colorful buckets and silver scoops on top of a cart.

“Who wants ice cream?” asked Damian, as he wheeled his cart over to the rest of the hard-working IIIs.

When asked about the flavors he was selling, he proudly responded, “Chocolate, Vanilla, and Strawberry.”

Besides having fun and experimenting with the roof materials, IIIsR made observations about the fall season. They noticed how the temperature was colder and how the trees look different in the fall.

“All the leaves fell off,” said Kai Kobayashi-Coston, as he studied the small tree sitting in the corner of the roof yard. Kai pretended to water the tree with an empty watering can, as other IIIs observed the multi-colored leaves on the tree.

IIIsA has also been exploring the roof yard. They started “building shares”, small meetings where they talk about what they have built.

Nina Vilensky happily said, "I shared a bed with my friends! It was one of my favorite things."

Maximilian (Max) English boastfully said, "I already made a hospital." Claudia Matthews walked into the hospital and said, "my tiny pebble is sick." Max and Claudia played pretend doctors together.

After interviewing them, we were ready to leave and Calvin Lerer sadly asked, "When will you come back?" This shows that the IIIsA are coming out of their shells and ready to talk to more people.

The IIIsC explored building during their work time. Walking into the IIIsC room, one immediately notices the variety of materials available to the IIIs. Out of all the objects and tools, the IIIs seem to love Legos and many IIIs were using Legos during work time.

Romy Kim, who was building with the Legos, said, “I’m building a big house.” He was moving the house in patterns along the ground as he moved colorful cubies around it.

Nicolaus Shangloo built a long structure out of blocks and said “I'm building a boat. It's really big.” Nicolaus showed off his boat and actively moved it all around the classroom. Later after his ship’s quick trip around the class, Nicolaus explained that he liked Magna Tiles and rest pads.

Overall, the IIIs are building everything from construction sites to hospitals to boats. They build during work time and roof yard, and they love it! The IIIs year has certainly started off strong, hopefully, they can continue their hard work all throughout the school year. The XIIIs are excited to see what the IIIs will do next.

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