How C&C gets new coaches for their sports teams

New coaches in the C&C sports program are expected every year. We have head coaches for certain teams, and assistant coaches who work around on different teams. Besides the fact that these coaches are of different ages and backgrounds, they all are generally found on the same website.

Todd is constantly finding coaches for the C&C sports teams. He says that he finds the majority of the coaches for the school on a website called This is a major jobsite that Todd has been using for about 5 years now. He gets around 90% of the coaching staff just off the site. This year in the basketball 3v3 program, he has brought in numerous different coaches to see what they have and if they fit in well to the C&C sports vibe. The other 10% basically consists of Todd getting coach recommendations from other coaches and staff. In other words, he would ask coaches if they knew anyone that’s looking for work and or would be up for grabs for the different sports seasons.

So, we know that many of the coaches of the coaches are obtained off the popular website, but some leave for good after one year or just one season.

it’s not a full time job,” said Todd. “There’s no security for them so when I say goodbye to them at the end of the season they are then looking for work. There are some coaches that stick around and go from basketball to soccer plus you get assistant coaches. But you can’t support yourself as a C&C coach unless you combine it with other jobs. You’re looking for work —you’re trying to get a full time job.”

This soccer season, coaches Emilio and Leonardo were a incredible acquaintance to the 12-13 soccer team this year. They were both incredibly passionate about what they were doing, and they motivated most soccer players to play to the best of their abilities.

While Leonardo was found on Indeed, Emilio path to coaching for the soccer team was different from the majority. Emilio was recommended by Zelda Gay, the current upper school rhythms teacher. He works in the dojo Do Ken Wa Kan in Chelsea along with her.

These are numerous ways that Todd finds coaches for the teams. It is a rigorous and time consuming process that is an all year project, and it is not easy. He has to reach out to these people, interview them, and see them in action, like when he brought coaches to the 3s Basketball Program. However, it consistently works out, as every year, there are new coaches who are passionate about what they are doing, and are persistent on teaching C&C students the skills and values of playing on a team sport, which are all the features needed for a great coach.

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