Democrats Are Reaching Out to Latinos for Votes

In states like Nevada and California, Democrats are starting to reach out to Latinos for their vote in the mid-term election. In 2016 during the presidential election, it is projected that about 30% of Latinos voted for Donald Trump, but with his plans rolling out, Democrats are hoping that what President Trump is doing with immigration, will give the Latinos a different idea about the President.

Committees in Nevada have been marching down the streets going door to door, searching for key votes, that will possibly change the way of the government. In the Central Valley District, Washington, two officials have been in the race, Mr. Valado, who is running for the Republicans and T.J. Cox for the Democrats. Mr. Cox has tried to change the leaning of the district, but Mr. Valado still won, which is odd, because, in 2016, Donald Trump lost this area against Hillary Clinton.

Many Latinos have made the decision recently to not vote, one woman Jennifer Santiago, in Modesto, California, is following this decision not to vote. She says that no matter who she votes for, it will not change the way America acts. Some Latinos, have said that, for a while many politicians have not ventured into more Hispanic parts of town, but when one politician, Mr. Harder came to a flea market she was very happy. Around 55% of Latinos have not been contacted directly by any single politician.

The XIIIs have been doing something that closely relates to what is going on in these states. Each XIII chose two or more states to look at and make a prediction on who they believe will win different positions in government in their state. While they are looking more at the winnings and less at the voters, it is clear that some states have less voter turnout, and it is said that it could be because of people thinking that them voting will not change the course and life in this country.

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