The VIs Move Into Their Fresh Curriculum


The VIs are up and running for the year. They are now completely familiar with their environment, and have become much more outgoing towards the adults and children of the C&C community. Erin Teesdale, group teacher of the VIsE, mentioned how the VIs were excelling in the new curriculum, and were enjoying it quite a lot.

“We are writing in our Writer’s Journals and we also started our Hundreds Chart in Math,” said Tara DiGerlando, the VIsT group teacher. In their Writer’s Journals, the VIs write about personal life stories. Many of them made a drawing about their experiences to help visualize their story when writing. Erin is proud that the VIs are using the “Word Wall” for words they do not know or forgot how to spell.

When asked what was her main goal this year as the VIsE teacher, Erin responded unequivocally, saying “One of the main goals for the year is for the VIs to continue to come together as a supportive group of VIs and friends that are dedicated and valued members of the C&C community.” This is the goal for many group teachers in the lower school, and the VIs are already showing clear signs of this. Their work together in Yard (like building intricate block structure collaboratively and organizing games in the river yard-shows their close relationships with one another, and how they are smiling in each class during the school day shows their willingness and enjoyment in the work they are doing. It is inevitable that this goal will be completely met within the coming months.

Maya Sharma, Max Berger, and Dandelion Cohen, students in the VIsT, were exhilarated when Tara asked for three VIs to be interviewed. They practically screamed with enthusiasm while responding to the various questions in unison. This year’s school store brought a lot of anticipation. After the IXs introduced the shop recently, the VIs visited the grand opening hosted in the Ball Yard. “We are extremely excited about the store,” said Dandelion Cohen. Maya Sharma and Dandelion were admiring the rainbow-colored invitation to this year’s school store’s opening ceremony.

Nevertheless, besides just watching the IXs’ celebration, the VIs have been working a lot while transitioning to a tougher, normal, school schedule. “We’re building C&C with blocks now,” answered Dandelion.

“My favorite subject is painting and art. I also love to play games with West,” said Maya. The VIs have a handful of subjects to have fun with.

The VIs have been used to working with blocks, paint, and wood, however they have also been starting to work with some new types of tools these couple of weeks, including a polaroid camera.

“A polarwhat camera?” asked Maya Sharma, after Tess–associate teacher of the VIsT,–repeated the instructions for the errand the VIs were sent for.

“Just ask the VsM for a POL-AR-OID camera,” said Tess.

The VIs are using the polaroid cameras because they have begun their interviewing unit, interrogating specific adults in the C&C community. The interviewing unit is meant to help their writing and listening skills.

The VIs have been digesting a lot of academic information lately, even though they may not know it. All that work still cannot get in the way of VIs’ having loads of fun, no matter what. The bottomline is, that this is the purpose of school: to learn, but C&C shapes curriculum so that students are always enjoying themselves while being educated.

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