A Female Future

How many modern movies have women superheroes in them? Although there are a few movies, children want to see more female action. According to a study done by the Women's Media Center at BBC America, they found that all genders wanted to see more women in superhero roles. The study is called “Super Powering Girls: Female Representation in the Sci-Fi/Superhero Genre.” In the study, they found that fewer female teens of color are as confident as the boys are. If there were more movies with women superheroes, would girls be more confident?

The answer is yes. Julie Burton, president of the Women’s Media Center said, ‘“Our research found that female sci-fi and superhero characters help bridge the confidence gap for girls.’” “‘It helps them to ‘feel strong, brave, confident, inspired, positive and motivated.”’ Sarah Barnett, president of BBC America said, ‘“With greater representation of female heroes in the sci-fi and superhero genre, we can help superpower the next generation of women.”’ We need to change what people see on television. We should see heroes of both genders, not just male heroes.

A great example of a movie that inspired many women, is Wonder Woman. There were many reactions on the Huffington Post after many women saw the movie. ““I blacked out with joy,’” Meredith Fineman, CEO of FinePoint told HuffPost about watching the film’s opening scenes. “‘It was only women―fighting, being strong, putting themselves in danger, with muscles and beauty.”’

In our own C&C community, Gitana Savage, Xllls, said, “It was nice to have a superhero movie that starred a female hero. There are hardly any female superheroes, so it would be nice to see more movies with female action. It is important that we see more female roles in movies because when we normally think of superheroes, we think of male heroes like Superman or Batman. We want future generations to have an image in their mind of female heroes as well, so it is great that the world is on its way to changing.” In the future, women will hopefully have more leadership roles and power.

BBC did a survey on women’s involvement in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). 2431 people were asked about leadership opportunities for boys and girls. People were asked from ages 10-19, and parents of 5-9 year olds. The survey shows that about 1 in 3 teens agreed that women have less leadership roles. This needs to change and is on it’s way to being fixed. The initiative of the report is “to change how we see women, how we listen to women and how we experience them across media and culture to more accurately and authentically reflect the audience.” Nathalie Robayo, Xllls, said, “Many young girls have a role model that they aspire to be like. When they see a woman in a position of authority and power they feel more confident.”

In the future, women can only imagine how many roles they could have. One should hope that there will be many more female power roles. Women would not have to post on social media how happy they are that a woman starred in a movie because there would already be many female roles. Now is the time to start imagining a women filled future. Maybe in five years no one will have to worry, but now is the time to fight for your rights.

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