Editorial on the Kavanaugh Case

October 26, 2018

It is ludicrous that people could call Dr. Christine Blasey Ford a liar. During her testimony, she was calm and stately, while her alleged sexual assaulter, Brett Kavanaugh, was intemperate and uncivil not only toward Mrs. Ford, but toward many senators as well. When being asked questions, Dr. Ford answered with as much detail as she could recall and when she could not recollect, she answered honestly that she had no memory. In comparison, when Judge Kavanaugh was asked questions he replied disrespectfully to the senators calling them liars and responding to them evasively. 

 Dr. Ford, in front of the entire nation, described her memories of the sexual assault. Saying “I was pushed from behind into a bedroom… Brett [Kavanaugh] and Mark [Judge] came into the bedroom and locked the door behind them… I was pushed onto the bed and Brett got on top of me. I believed he was going to rape me.” It is clear that Mrs. Ford’s statement is true considering all of the details she recalled. Although these details were memorable to her, the most memorable part was “the uproarious laughter between the two and their having fun at my expense.”

When Judge Kavanaugh had his chance to refute Dr. Ford’s claims, there was no laughter involved, just pure yelling. He spent almost his entire time raging against the Democratic senators and saying they had “totally and permanently” destroyed his name. He called Mrs. Ford’s testimony a “national disgrace.” This level of disrespect is unacceptable for a Supreme Court Justice. 

If Christine Ford’s claims are true, having a Justice who sexually assaulted someone would show that he had not only committed a crime, but he would be biased about any sexual assault cases that go to the Supreme Court. This was something that the XIIIs discussed very seriously, leaving many people torn between the two sides. 

When the XIIIs went to D.C, they watched most of Dr. Ford’s testimony, as it was happening in real time only a few blocks away. Immediately when they came back to school the next day, it was an extremely controversial topic. Many students in the group did not believe Mrs. Ford, despite the fact the vast majority of XIIIs hadn’t even watched Kavanaugh’s rebuttal. 

This was very upsetting considering that, in my opinion, most people hadn’t cared enough even to watch a 15 minute clip. It was shocking mostly because I thought most people would be supporting the same opinion I had. 

The XIIIs community meeting occurred before the FBI investigation ensued, so really our conversation had too little evidence to have a debate. The FBI took a very strange angle on the case by interviewing neither Dr. Ford nor Judge Kavanaugh. It is still unknown what the FBI has uncovered if anything. It was decided that the vote for a new justice could not wait any longer. Despite the claim of assault, Kavanaugh was confirmed with about as good a chance as he had before anyone had knowledge of what he had done. 

We put high amounts of faith into the oath that both Christine Ford and Brett Kavanaugh swore under. If this oath is so powerful and necessary, shouldn’t we be able to believe Dr. Ford without doubt? The Senate, and the American people needed to know the truth before they confirmed someone to a lifetime spot on the nation’s highest court. 


Note: for two different opinions on this issue, please see Bryan Lau’s and Declan Larson’s articles online at newspaper.cityandcountry.org.

Password CandC.

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