The XIs Get Busy

Entering the second month of the school year, the XIs have been busy. These past few weeks, the XIsJ have been learning about the social hierarchy of imperial China and have been talking about Chinese gods. The XIs have also learned about the three “perfections”; calligraphy, poetry, and painting, in preparation for the scrolls that they will be making soon. They have also studied the anatomy of said scrolls. “They would do the painting on paper which were then put on cloth,” said Storey Shefferman, XIsJ, as she explained how paintings were put onto scrolls, that primarily had paintings of landscapes.

The XIsD have been learning about the Golden Age of Islam. They’re looking into the geography and topography of the area back in the 10th century. They have also been discussing the history of some of the empires and political happenings of the time.

In Science class, the XIs started out by learning about sustainability. They recently learned about Fresh Kills, which is a landfill located in Staten Island. It was previously known as the world’s largest landfill until it closed in 2001. The XIs will soon be creating their own projects on sustainability in Science. In Math, the XIs will be learning about geometry.

According the the XIs, the printing press job is quite a big shift from previous years’ jobs. During the VIIIs, IXs, and Xs, the jobs are like small businesses, drawing and calculating change were the main skills necessary for sign making or the selling of school supplies. In the XIs, students are required to learn how to operate an advanced piece of heavy machinery. While this is a difficult task, it is a rewarding task nonetheless. The XIs still have not printed anything. “We’ve done all of the steps going up to printing just not the actual step,” said Hayden Bass-Klausner of the XIsJ when asked what they’ve done in class so far. Before actually printing, two XIIs come down and give the XIs a lesson on the steps of printing. From what they’ve said, the XIs seem eager to start printing.

The XIsD was lucky enough to have a new student this year. Miguel Robayo said when asked about his experiences with C&C compared with other schools, “It’s much better than before.” According to Miguel, C&C has a friendly learning environment and he is excited about what’s to come. The XIs have many interesting and fun projects going on this year, whether about sustainability or scrolls in ancient China. We are curious to see what they produce.

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