What are District 3's Priorities?

On Wednesday, October 10, a meeting about District 3, in C&C’s lunchroom took place. Matt Green, Corey Johnson’s assistant, came to C&C to discuss what projects District 3 will complete with the given budget. A few people showed up from the district and discussed and then voted on some of the ideas people had on how to use this money. The board’s job is to ensure that District 3 is the best version of itself. This means that many people proposed upgrades that involved technology in schools, fixing roads, and adding bike lanes.

Last week’s meeting was mainly focused on projects that people from District 3 thought needed attention. The top ideas were to fix the water fountains at P.S 3, add trees to bare, littered avenues, put metro-card refill stations closer to the bus stops, and post above ground train schedules. To make decisions, the group voted on these options. Many adults at the meeting have children who go to P.S. 3. Therefore, making water fountains accessible to all students was a top priority of the group. Although most people who attended the meeting strongly believed that some major changes have to be made to District 3, only three out of the ten people that attended had voted before.

Mr. Green said that in the last two years the votes have increased due to the creation of digital ballots and a variety of languages which makes voting accessible to many more people. The voting process takes a lot of time, and then finally completing the projects is a bigger step. They have to hire contractors and architects depending on what the result of the vote is. Mr. Green elaborated on the types of projects that were usually recommended. The most popular is education. Many of the people who voted

have children so they always take education into consideration. The next most popular categories were housing, parks and recreation, public safety, and arts and culture. Matt Green’s main goal was to ensure that more people from District 3 have a say in what changes need to be made to make it a safer and happier place for all.

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