Alexas In Hotels

You may have heard of the Amazon Alexa, it is one of the many pieces of tech known as “smart speakers”. All over the world different businesses are harnessing new technology to enhance the the work of their business.

If you have ever stayed in a hotel, you may know the phones that are available that can call room service, call the front desk and even call for cleaning.Yet the Alexa can do that and more, it can book things like spa appointments without having to talk to anyone, it can give you info about the hotel itself, and it can order specific items on room service,. It can do much more like play music and order miscellaneous items like toothbrushes. Amazon has also been talking about the Alexa being able to do even more, for instance it has talked about the ability of changing your hotel Alexa into a personal one.

With all these advances many people have really started to fret if they will be able to keep their jobs. With new technology in all fields, from burger flipping to making to robots that can boo reservations are starting to be the cheap and easy way to get most tasks done. With robots doing this it removes the possibility of human error and it will be easier to do the same job hundreds of times without changing the way a company would do it at all.

Ian Klapper, the school technology expert, is definitely wondering how these technologies interfere with our personal life. “You don’t know if the many devices around you are listening.” said Ian when interviewed. Reem Abu Amara would also enjoy the opportunity to be able to purchase a hotel room, maybe without the Alexa, or the ability to turn one off. Her opinion about all the dangers of people listening in is that it should be treated the same as driving a car for example. If used correctly it does amazing things for the community, but if misused, for example drunk driving, or listening to conversations, than it is skeptical for people to use it.

These technologies are definitely a big change. In my opinion they are a good idea, and it is very interesting to see all the changes that have been happening in technology. For the six or seven years that I have enjoyed looking at new technologies, I have seen many different alluring pieces of tech, for example, the Tesla car. Which is a fully electric car, this kind of tech is definitely one of my favorite and I love to see how it influences all other car companies, and pushes them to make their cars even more electric. It is compelling to look back and see what kind tech existed before me. So now I get to experience all the tech and see all the changes that are yet to come

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