The Xs Explore Ancient Languages

The Xs are continuing the year with many new projects and activities. Both groups are studying the history of writing, including different languages and forms of writing. The Xs have been working on posters containing information and facts about ancient languages like Arabic and Chinese.

The XsMo have also started doing research, looking at history books to answer some of their questions about when, why and how these languages were created. In addition to this, they are continuing their discussion about humans, asking questions like, “What is history?” and “What makes a human a human?”

In Math, the Xs are learning about mean, median, and mode. They are using Google Spreadsheets and creating formulas and charts to visualize mean, median, and mode. However, some of the Xs want more of a challenge in Math. “Math is too easy,” said Hector Stephenson, XsMo.

In Spanish, they are learning basic greetings and useful words. The Xs generally think that Spanish is interesting and “very cool” in the words of Anice Orvananos, XsMe.

In Science, the Xs have been studying different kinds of rocks. Anice said, “We’ve been learning about igneous and sedimentary rocks.” The Xs have also been studying the different properties of rocks, writing down what they notice.

The Xs also had mixed feelings about the “tech talk” we had on Friday, October 6th. The talk was led by Max Stossel and everyone in the Middle and Upper School was there. He discussed ways that companies get your attention for games, social media and other apps or websites.

Anice said, “The tech talk was really boring, and it was hard to hear.”

Hector Stephenson said, “It wasn’t useful and I didn’t learn anything new from it.”

On the other hand, some people learned new things, like the fact that you can turn on grayscale mode to get rid of the red bubbles, or muting notifications unless they are from real people to prevent distractions. Overall, students wished that it included more new information and tricks to prevent one from getting sucked in, especially because next year many students will get their first phones.

The Xs are having lots of fun this year and looking forward to many interesting subjects like their study of Mesopotamia and Egypt. They are interested in their new projects and research, something they have been looking forward to. The Xs are adjusting well to their new responsibilities, and are excited to continue work on more projects.

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