The VIs: Working Out the Keys

When asked what the favorite subject of VIsE is, Erin Teesdale, their group teacher, replied, “The VIs LOVE Yard,” unsure of whether it was a subject or not. To many of the VIIs, though, the hour of infinite creation is more than a subject.

Block Yard is a time for the Lower School students to express their feelings through physical movements. “We’re playing football right now,” said Alec Cormier, an enthusiastic and lively student in the VIsT. The group of boys were attempting to imitate a New York Giants versus New York Jets game. The group showed a great example of cohesion whenever one of their classmates fell down; they would always help each other back up to their feet. On the other side of the Yard, a cluster of VIs were building tall buildings, cozy houses, and recreating a triplet of musicians playing on one piano.

The VIs have started their Language Arts program, and have learned how to solve basic math problems. Morning Work is a time for the VIs when they first arrive to class to transition nicely into the school day, and kick-start it with an array of fun activities. The VIs have learned the lower case letters, practiced reading, and solved math problems during this time. The VIs’ workload is becoming more rigorous by the minute, but according to VIsE group teacher Erin, the easiest thing that comes to the VIs students is having fun, enjoying their school day with their kind friends and supportive teachers.

Tara DiGerlando, teacher of the VIsT, also believed that the VIs are learning a lot so far. The VIs “built some specific buildings from around the neighborhood. In Math, they are doing number combinations, but only addition, for now. During our trips [around the block] we looked at some buildings that are unique in our community, and we also looked at some buildings that are more common,” said Tara. On the other side of the spectrum, the VIsE are looking ahead to their first trips this year.

The VIs are delighted to become familiar with some new and different subjects. “My favorite class is Art,” said Ray Lieberman, Zen Gould, and Anya Shangloo, VIsE.

The VIs are not only enthusiastic about spending their school days with their friends in the Yard, or drawing in the classroom, but they are also thrilled by their academic curriculum. Many of the VIs are so eager to learn, that it is a struggle for them to remember to raise their hands and answer questions or contribute in meetings. Most importantly, VIs are enjoying their year to the fullest.

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