The VIIs Ride Into Their Second Month of the School Year

As the VIIs wrap up their first month of school, they are taking on new challenges. Since the beginning of the year the VIIs have had a good work ethic and have been excited to learn. And as the VIIs come into their fourth week of school, they are really starting to get into the swing of things.

Recently, the VIIs went on an awesome field trip to Governors Island. They got to see New York City from the water, and noticed distinct features of the mighty Brooklyn Bridge before they go there on a school trip. Some of the VIIs said that their favorite parts of this trip were seeing the assortment of cannons and buildings that sit on Governors Island. Jules Berg, VIIsR, was impressed by an oval shaped building on the island. This building later became the base for their build of Governors Island and the southern tip of Manhattan.

The VIIsC built the terrain they saw at Governors Island. Taven Adler, VIIsC, explained that he plans to create the ferry that goes to Governors Island, out of wood.

On Friday the 12th of October, the VIIsR had a talk with Theodore Wright, the Director of Bicycle and Greenway Program at NYC Department of Transportation. During the talk, the VIIs learned about what kind of bike lanes are going to be painted outside of the 13th Street Building. They were also were informed why the changes were going to happen and what impact they will have on our community.

For example, the VIIs found out that having an enclosed bike lane will be safer for bikers, cars, and pedestrians. Theodore then proceeded to show the VIIs the different types of bike lanes that can be found around the city, from riverside lanes, to buffered bike lanes. Afterwards, the VIIs went outside and watched as the DOT construction workers painted the bike lines onto the street, using a special bike lane painting machine.

These past few weeks have been action packed and fun for the VIIs. They got to go on trips, see bike lanes, and soon they are going to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. This still is just the beginning of an amazing year, and the VIIs are truly excited.

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