The VIIIs Prepare for the Post Office

The VIIIs have made it past September, and with a new month comes new projects, including the school’s post office. This job entails delivering mail to classrooms, reading Round Robins, and selling afterschool slips, attendance sheets and stamps. The VIIIs will be making the stamps themselves. This is the first of many jobs that the current VIIIs will be doing while in the Middle and Upper School. The VIIIs are taking their job very seriously. They have named the post office “Postagram” and are in the process of deciding on a logo and making a jingle. In preparation for the grand opening of Postagram, the VIIIs have also been playing math games, primarily concerned with making change. Will Wasserstrom, VIIIsN, added that they are “studying more, like, stamp things.”

In Social Studies, the VIIIs are “reading about people who made a difference, like Gandhi and Franklin Roosevelt,” said Ivy Heitzmann, VIIIsJ.

According to Paulo Velez, VIIIsJ, the VIIIs have been playing “race to 2 dollars,” in Math. For homework, which the VIIIs are getting for the first time, they must read a book of their choice for 20 minutes a day, “except for on the weekends,” Paulo added. The VIIIs are adjusting well to the new tasks ahead of them, and are anticipating the grand opening of Postagram.

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