The IXs Prepare for the School Store

The IXs have been working especially hard on the store this week. Now that they are farther into the process, they have split into half groups. One group is working on making jingles and the other is writing speeches. Henry Shapiro, IXsK, said, “We are preparing for the grand opening.” The IXs seem to have gotten over their lump of unhappiness and have started to become enthusiastic about the vital school store.

Besides working on jingles and speeches, the IXs have made some key decisions involving the name of the store, mascots and colors. As Henry Shapiro and Siya Patel were telling about these things, they were bouncing up and down with enthusiasm. Siya said “the mascot’s names are Inky and Dinky-- an ink bottle and a giraffe. They are both so cute!” The IXs have officially announced the name of their store. After a very close vote, The First Floor Store will be the name. Henry and Siya said that despite the close vote, all the IXs were content with the name. Both groups have decided that the official colors of the store are yellow, brown, and red. When asked how the IXs felt about the grand opening of the store, Henry said, “Everyone is looking forward to performing their speeches.”

Along with the great responsibility of the school store, the IXs have been moving into their unit on geography. Both groups have been examining clay models of terrain such as mountain ranges, valleys, and plateaus, and then flooding them. In Language Arts the IXs have been experimenting with acrostic poems. They started writing about different types of terrain. Siya said, “These poems are new and fun to do.”

The IXs continue to review their math skills by practicing multiplication. Although they have already learned this operation in Math, they know they are in for a challenge in the coming weeks. This goes for Science as well; they are learning how to measure liquids so they can prepare for their cooking segment to prepare for the Country Trip.

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