The IVs: Tugboats, Artists, and Friends of the XIIs

So far in the lively classrooms of the new lVs, things have been going smoothly. Now that the lVs have had a month of school, they are used to the new environment. Their classrooms are becoming their new habitats. They now have a full day of school like the older kids in City and Country, but more importantly, they have their Xlls.

They are having many new experiences, such as their first mystery reader. The mystery reader is generally a teacher who comes to their classroom and reads them a story.

The lVs, even farther into the year now, came up with ideas for their classroom jobs on their own. They are starting to learn about emotions and are prepared for an action packed year.

The lVs, busy as ever, never stop moving around and working, even if it isn’t with blocks. When asked about their work with emotions, Frances Veksler, lVsN, said, “I felt mad and happy.” After reading a book on different emotions, the lVs shared what they were feeling.

So far, they enjoy making art at the art table, Roof Yard, painting, woodworking, and snack time. “I’m going to get a piece of paper and a pencil and trace a leaf,” said Pierce Shea, lVsN. The lVs are still happy that they will be turning five this year.

Also, an upcoming event has the lVs more enthusiastic than ever: Halloween. The lVs are filled with wonder and curiosity for many things to come. A new addition to their busy schedule is the Xlls. Naomi Selwyn, the lVsN teacher shared that the lVs are eager to work with their Xlls and are warming up to them quickly. The lVs have had one week with their Xlls so far, and will continue to learn, play, and discover with them.

When they’re not busy building with blocks, reading books, and tracing leaves, one might catch them in the Rhythms Room. The IVsL were becoming tugboats the other day, according to Henry Cleary. He made sure to clarify that they were just “pretending to be a tugboat.” This unique activity consisted of the IVs tugging themselves across the Rhythms Room on a rope, and it was a joy to watch their giddy smiles as they ran back to sit with their friends. They also got to run around the Rhythms Room. Campbell Pope, lVsL, summed it up quite well by saying, “We ran.” Campbell is very fast, and also enjoys woodworking.

This year’s lVs are very kind and empathetic. “Are you okay, Connor?” asked Teddy Larsson, a concerned child from the lVsN when Connor Murphy tripped over a block.

As the IVs begin to get more comfortable, they also start to joke around with each other. When asked about what she was planning on doing this year, Rose Heitzmann, lVsL, just giggled and exchanged glances with her new friends. This kind of behavior is comparable to how older kids often behave, showing that these young artists, constructors, and actors are already getting into the flow of C&C life. The IVs will continue to socially mature, and to blossom into clever, funny, and caring children.

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