The IIIs Explore the Unexplored

Now that the IIIs have experimented with the materials in their classroom and have gotten to know each other, they feel more at home in their environment. They have started working at stations during work time.

The IIIsR started to use their broad imaginations to explore different ideas such as structure and art. During work time, they have several opportunities to use their creativity. There are easels set up for the IIIs to paint.

“We’ve been doing new colors at the easel,” said Robin Sage, IIIsR teacher. They are learning about colors as they create art.

“It’s red and yellow, but I’m mixing it a little, so it’s orange,” said Ruby Sumner about her painting.

William Conlee added, “I’m making a rainbow, but I covered it with red so I can make a beautiful design.”

Next to the easels, a clay station is set up at one of the tables. Here the IIIs use their tiny hands to sculpt wondrous pieces of art. They showed the XIIIs how it’s done.

“If you want to make a pancake, you can flatten it,” said Samantha Levi.

“Or you can sprinkle some magic [in the clay],” added Issa Wagner. Oscar Edgerton made a path for a train, and then switched to making a doughnut.

At their stations, friendships were made among the IIIs. Samantha and Issa are the best of friends. “I’ve been playing with Samantha,” says Issa, during snack time. At their block station, Issa and Samantha hugged each other.

“She’s going to another school. I’m really going to miss her,” said Samantha. All the children in IIIsR are getting along well and are working together to build and create.

IIIsR isn’t the only group that started to work at stations. In IIIsC, the wondrous water table is something new that has been introduced to the IIIs for the first time. The water table is a table with a large indent in it filled with water, where IIIs can play with sponges and containers. The IIIs learn many scientific and social things at this table that no other school can offer. The IIIsC learned about how water works and the way your shirt changes color when it gets wet.

Going into a new environment as a III, they help each other learn and play together. They create games and stories about their experiences at the water table. The water table is amazing and the IIIs are lucky to have it.

Vida Weisberger and Marlowe Sage are new to the IIIsC. Vida enjoys working at the water table and is looking forward to exploring new ways to use it. Vida says she is very enthusiastic about building the Statue of Liberty out of blocks in the near future. Marlowe, on the other hand, wants to learn how to use shape magnets to create different formations. When the XIIIs came to interview the IIIsC, they were participating in several activities such as solving puzzles and working with oil pastels. They are one busy, clever group.

Similarly, in IIIsA the creativity is flourishing throughout the classroom and Roof Yard. Nina Vilensky and Lake McLaughlin were both building a hospital to help the other sick IIIs. Nina said that she loves jumping off blocks in the hospital because it makes her feel older and bigger. The IIIs on the roof were imagining that the blocks were magnets since they all look forward to playing with magnet tiles. Magnet tiles are exactly what they sound like, multi-colored tiles that can magnetically connect to one another to create a structure.

“When we get magnet tiles, I want to build a big building that I can go inside of,” Eden Mitchell said proudly. Something many of the IIIsA enjoy is “the climber.” The Climber is what Anisah Moonsammy, IIIsA teacher, calls the monkey bars.

Lake McLaughlin said, “If I keep doing the climber I might be able to even do a flip.” The IIIs A are filled with joy and goals in mind.

Overall, the IIIs are slowly adapting to their new learning environments. These bright, energetic IIIs are filled with enthusiasm for the new materials and activities they will explore.

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