The Divide of Our Country Has Been Confirmed

On Saturday, October 6th, Judge Brett Kavanaugh was sworn in subsequent to a nail-biting fifty to forty-eight tally in the Senate confirmation vote. Rightfully so, this vote was won by one of the slimmest margins in the history of our nation. Kavanaugh has recently been under fire by allegations of sexual assault. This confirmation has become almost as controversial as Donald Trump’s success in his 2016 campaign, a national event triggering the FBI to investigate for any Russian interference.

Audible chants of “Shame! Shame! Shame!” by protesters were heard outside the highest court in the land, and interrupted the confirmation on numerous occasions. Kavanaugh was later sworn in, with his two children and wife Ashley Estes Kavanaugh, by Chief Justice John Roberts and the man who he will replace, retired Justice Anthony Kennedy. This confirmation proves a massive victory for President Donald Trump, who has stated that he trusts Kavanaugh and believes he is the right man for the United States Supreme Court Justice.

Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, a professor at Palo Alto University and the Stanford School of Medicine, had claimed that Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her in high school thirty-six years ago. This has definitely left a stain on Kavanaugh reputation, and delayed the confirmation vote one week for FBI investigations, nearly diverting his nomination. Nevertheless, many Republicans and a couple major Democrats believed that Kavanaugh was still adequate for the lifelong seat on the Justice’s bench.

This decision made by the Senate is not only a substantial controversy throughout our nation, but also in our C&C community. The confirmation sparked many opinions, “I think that it is crazy for the Supreme Court to allow a person who was accused or at least suspected of committing sexual assault or a felony, to be placed in a high position, or to be considered as an option [for Justice],” said Mia Rutkovsky, XIIIs. “I think that it is absurd that someone who was accused of sexual assault can be the next supreme court justice. Was Dr. Ford completely overlooked? She stood up for what knew was right and came forward which is very, very difficult to do. He was accused of such a terrible thing, I don't get why he would even be considered for a position so high,” said another student.

However, some students in C&C expressed some differing ideas, “I think he should have been confirmed, Dr. Ford only had memories of the event that took place thirty-six years ago. Although the whole ordeal was a little bit sketchy, I agree with the Founding Fathers that all Americans are innocent until proven guilty,” and, “even though people might disagree with his actions, I don't think in this case, even if it was sexual assault, that since we don't have evidence it is fine that he is going on to become a justice” said two other students.

This confirmation is still a very controversial topic in the United States, but does this on vote, this one decision have the power to divide our country?

Sources: CNN (Politics), The New York Times, CNBC News, and Time.

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