Subway Controversy

The MTA subway service claims that the subways are improving. There are many disagreements regarding that. Some people agree with the MTA because, in certain stations, service has gotten better and riders feel safer. Others disagree because a majority of the stations have not been advanced and there has been more damage throughout the stations.

The reasons why the MTA can make those claims is because major incidents like train delays and how they affect the subsequent train schedules after have dropped to the rate of about 11.7% compared to the summer right before the Rescue Plan was introduced in 2017.

The Rescue Plan intends to reduce risks to MTA employees’ health. It should also minimize the amount of at-risk behavior of rescuers during rescue attempts and help to ensure rescues are conducted promptly, safely, and professionally.

Also, some Manhattan subway stations, like 86th Street, have recently been renovated completely. All over the walls have pieces art by famous artists and sliding doors instead of turnstiles

The reason why most people from C&C and New Yorkers cannot see the changes is that the changes only happened and a few stations while other stations are still in bad condition. Or that just days before the storms flooded stations and showed many of the subway's mascot: a rat. Chase Holness stated, “I did not know about the subway at 86th street was renovated and made bigger. Only one or two subway stations have been made bigger or better, but many other stations have not changed and are barely functional, I think that they should change all the other stations first before they make the good and functional stations even better." Many people from C&C take the trains to school and some stations are in a much better condition compared to other stations. If the subway was more consistent with its arrivals then people would realize the changes the MTA have made to help people get around easier.

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