SpaceX And The #dearMoon

SpaceX has announced a colossal project that they are working on this year that has the potential to change history. Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa is funding the #dearMoon project that is going to be the first space related tourism in human history. Maezawa bought a private ride around the moon from Elon Musk’s SpaceX. Maezawa and a couple other artist will be taken around the moon on the large Falcon Heavy rocket. The estimated total cost of the trip is about five to ten billion dollars and the trip is estimated to launch no sooner than 2023. The time it would take to go around the moon is six days and in that time the artists that Maezawa wants to bring on board will make art about what they saw to promote world peace, which is a goal that Maezawa wants to achieve.The artist will consist of a film director, painter, dancer, novelist, musician, fashion designer, sculpture, photograph and architect.

Maezawa himself says this “I did not want to have such a fantastic experience by myself, that would be a little lonely.I don't like being alone, so I want to share these experiences with as many people as possible, so that is why I choose to go to the moon with artists!” Maezawa has been judged for his expensive . He is often described as a very overzealous and luxurious man.buying of art but in truth this gift to others is very generous

This will be the the first lunar tourism ever. This will open up the floodgates and hopefully push others to explore and create me technological to help us long term. If Maezawa’s dream comes true that would a small step for a man, but, a giant leap for mankind.

In a press conference Elon Musk and Maezawa explain that SpaceX is doing everything they can to get the Falcon heavy rocket off the ground but there is still room for failure. As Elon says we are in reality and things go wrong in reality. Obviously Elon wants this to work, if it does will be a major way to promote the SpaceX’s name and that they have the power to bring humanity and outer space closer.

Nobody knows what Maezawa will do with the art once they have gone around the moon. Maybe he will keep it a secret. Most likely he will fund the artists to make the art and sell it all through tour the world. Maezawa has always stood by the fact that art can change the world.

Roland Levy ,XIIIs, says“I think it would be a really big deal but i'm sure while SpaceX might be the first to have a commercial trip to the moon there are other companies leading up to them. The exploration that artist are making have never been seen before to this extent.”

Skuli Baumgardner of the XIIIs says “I think that this mission is a waste of time. Astronauts are in perfect physical condition and even they have medical issues upon return. Imagine what the life quenching effects of space would do to your average Joe.”

Allen ,XIIsP, says “[The#dearMoon project] is important for humans to eventually colonize other planets and this is a good step in there right direction.”

As you can see the C&C community is very split on this matter from people saying that this project is important form the future of our planet, it does not really matter and It is a waste of resources. The project will happen eventually and we can only wait to see the effect this mission will have on the our future.

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