Public and Private School Stereotypes

People may have many perceptions on what different schools and their communities are

like. There are some stereotypes affiliated with public schools and private schools. People in public schools may think private schools are totally different from the reality of them and vice versa. The stereotypes people have are mostly if not always wrong. Some students in public schools have wrong ideas about what private schools are like. “Exclusive and cliquey,” Emma Barbaccia, a sophomore from a public school stated. There are some big general misconceptions about these schools. For example, people in private schools are privileged, stuck up, rich kids. Not all private schools cost a lot of money. According to C.A.P.E.(Council for American Private Education), Catholic schools have a lower tuition than independent schools. They are less money because they are religiously affiliated. This reveals that the stereotype of all private schools being expensive is untrue. Next, are the public school stereotypes. “Unsafe and unruly” said the same sophomore. Some of the public school misconceptions are that the people in them don't have lot of money, public school teachers don’t have a lot of experience, and the students there are more aggressive. Some of these are untrue. More than half of teachers that work in public schools have advanced degrees. Hopefully people start to see the reality of both places and not judge them based on unreliable stereotypes.

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