New Experiences For the Vs

As Vs have settled into their new routine, they have noticed that new things are being introduced into the curriculum. One new thing the VsM are going to experiment with is culinary arts. “I’m really excited to make lemonade!” said Linden Barna. The VsM made a list of all of the dishes they wanted to attempt making, including hot chocolate and fruit salad. “We are going to start with simpler recipes at first and then move on to more complicated things,” said IVs Teacher Mona de Victoria. They plan to start with recipes that require only a few ingredients, and then move on to more sophisticated cooking.

This work ties into the work they are going to be doing next year. When they are in the VIs, they will be in charge of running a restaurant. This is giving them a head start so they are not overwhelmed by the new concept of cooking and baking in the VIs.

One new addition to the Vs schedule is book buddies. Last year, as IVs, they each were paired up with a XII who would take them down for dismissal. This year each V is paired up with a X and they spend time together reading stories and singing Spanish songs. “It’s fun to be able to talk to younger kids and get to know them,” said Robert Milacci, XsMe.

The Vs have also started practicing their handwriting. “We worked on these special books where we practice writing,” said Layla Weiss. All these exercises are leading up to the Vs diving into reading and writing.

According to Julian Camacho, “The Vs are a lot more difficult; I think we are going to start reading.”

Aside from the Vs’ academic work, they are continuing to enjoy block building. “All of the time I build train stations but more of the time I build fire stations,” said Aiden Rover.

As the Vs continue to grow, they are faced with new challenges in the C&C community, whether it be reading or building a new building in the Block Yard.

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