Lunch in the Ball Yard? How Did It Happen?

Two weeks ago from Tuesday to Friday, the XIs through XIIIs ate lunch in the Ball Yard, instead of in the 201 gym. Every day, after the XIIIs Yard, the maintenance crew along with the XIIIs set up the tables and chairs in the Ball Yard. But why did this happen?

Three weeks ago, repairs were being made on the water heater in 201 when suddenly the water heater died. Walt Shepard, C&C’S Director of Facilities, said this is a result of “the way the buildings are old and how they have been brought into the 20th and 21st century.” “It’s not easy to maintain these buildings,” he added.

But what did the loss of hot water mean for the kitchen? Walt explained, having “no way to wash dishes. Also it is just a general measure for cleanliness.” In other words, no hot water might not be completely safe for the students.

On Tuesday, as the XIIIs arrived to their classroom and looked at the schedule for the day, at the usual time for lunch from 11:00 to 11:45, there was a note saying “In Ball Yard.” This was surprising to the XIIIs, and probably for the rest of the groups who received the same note. At 11:00, after the XIIIs set up the tables and chairs, the XIs and XIIs came down and everyone got food from the lunchroom in the 13th Street building.

Fortunately, the weather was beautiful all week, so eating outside was no problem. “Although it was a change, it was quite nice to eat outside,” said Roly Levy, XIIIs.

The people who made it possible for all six Middle and Upper School groups to be fed with food prepared in the smaller, less equipped kitchen of the 13th Street Building were the kitchen staff. We owe them a special thanks for working extra hard so the students could go on with their day.

The water heater was replaced over Columbus Day weekend and the Upper School students returned to eating in their normal setting on Tuesday.

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