C&C Hosts Its Open House

On Wednesday, October 17th, the City and Country School hosted an Open House. Parents came, looking to apply for places in the lls through the Xlls. Roughly three hundred people attended, all eager to hear more about C&C. At the beginning of the night a group of parents went up to the Rhythms Room for a slideshow that Elise Bauer and Nick Smart presented. Most of those parents were looking at the classrooms for the lls through the Vs. Teachers stayed in their classrooms so when the visiting parents came in, they could talk to them. In the Library, there were refreshments and current parents available to answer questions.

Elise Bauer, C&C’s Director of Admissions, explained that the Xllls were a big part of the process. “When the parents meet the Xllls, they are impressed by them,” said Elise. The Xllls’ job was to greet the guests as they walked into the school and then to take them on a tour. During the tour, we dropped the them off at different classrooms that they wanted to visit. Parents also wanted to learn about the other groups, and what the experience was like growing up at C&C. They had many questions, showing that they were intrigued by our unique school.

“What was your favorite job?”

“What is it like to teach all subjects?”

“What do you like about C&C?”

“How often does the newspaper come out?”

The Xllls offered some great responses to these questions:

“C&C is not as restrictive as other schools,” said Max Beyer.

“I really like the Library,” explained Daisy Ryan, sharing what she loves about C&C.

Many parents were wondering what made our school so special. Willem Hale answered, “It’s become a second home to us.” Willem also explained how tight our community is and how easy it is to adjust to our school life.

The parents enjoyed hearing our thoughts on City and Country and thanked us at the end of the night. We were pleasantly surprised by their interest in us. The parents may have come to learn about one group, but they left our school with knowledge about every age. Additionally, they got to learn about the exciting trips, activities, and studies one gets to do at our wonderful school.

The day after the Open House, Elise said, “I think that the night went extremely well! The logistics went pretty smoothly, there was a huge crowd and people seemed engaged and enthusiastic about City and Country. The City and Country parent volunteers were incredible. I was proud of the Xllls who were all fantastic representatives for C&C.”

The Xllls, as well, felt accomplished after the long night. Hanna Kenyatta, Xllls, said, “I think the Open House was very successful and the parents seemed very interested.”

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