A Coney Island Festival

Coney Island is one of the most popular amusement parks in the city of New York. With action packed rides, crazy sideshow attractions, and classic arcade games, Coney Island is always a thrill. This year, C&C had its own little version of Coney Island at the annual Harvest Festival that took place this past Saturday. Tracey White, the vice president of the PA, devised this year’s theme. Tracey said that her inspiration for this year’s Harvest Festival arose from a trip to Coney Island with her daughter.

There were thrills and chills when a sword swallower, contortionist, and a snake charmer appeared. The audience watched with apprehension as a sword swallower carefully slid a 27 inch sword down his throat. This was no gimmick sword, nor a magic trick.

Skilled in stretching, a contortionist wowed the audience when she emerged from inside a suitcase. She is an extremely flexible performer who bent her body into difficult positions with ease. She went from a needle to a chest roll in a matter of seconds.

A snake charmer accompanied by her snake Pee Wee was the grand finale. Pee Wee was wrapped around the neck of his handler and shown to the audience. Many backed away from the snake, as he was over five feet long.

Since deep fried Oreos are one of the most iconic foods at Coney Island, it was of course featured at this year’s festival. Fried Oreos travelled from area to area of the court yard, visiting the puppet show and pumpkin patch. They even observed yo-yo tricks while being held tightly in the hands of children. Evidence of their existence can be seen in many photos taken at the photo booth. Every now and then, a deep-fried Oreo met its demise at the arcade/carnival game as gamers aimed for victory.

Students got the chance to sell their own homemade things and donate 25% of their profits to a cause of their choice. As always, the Harvest Festival had its fair share of delicious foods, such as mac and cheese, chili, salad, hot dogs, and hamburgers. Side show attractions, activities, art work, food, and dancing kept C&C students laughing and wanting to know what the theme for the Spring Fair will be. We are wondering what next year’s Harvest Festival will bring.

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