The Vs Jump In

School has just begun and the Vs are quickly adjusting to their new routine. “It feels like we have been together for a long time but we have only been together for five day.” One of the new privileges the Vs have is playing in the Block Yard instead of the Roof Yard. According to Aiden Rover, “There’s some more room and more heavier things.”

Lots of Vs also enjoy the River Yard. “When I go to Yard, I just want to be in the River Yard all the time because I love to run around,” said Marlowe Klier. The Vs explained that the schedule is very different from the IVs.

“Doing painting” is what Madeleine Hu said she missed about the IVs. The Vs enjoy playing with blocks, creating on the wood bench, drawing and cutting paper, and making animals. “My favorite things are coloring and playing with the pattern shapes,” said Lucy Walkush. “Everyone is settling in very well,” said Mona Di Victorio. “It’s a great group of Vs.” Mona explained that she and the Vs were excited for more structured block play. The Vs are used to making whatever they want out of the given blocks and then cleaning it up at the end of the day. When children get to be this age, block play starts to become more structured and thought out as opposed to just free play. The Vs already have shown us in these first few days that they are ready for the responsibilities of being a V.

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