The IVs are Back in Action

This year’s group of lVs are lively. They enjoy using blocks and are very sweet and kind. They enjoy helping each other out. Bea, lVsN, came over to Naomi and offered to help paste something to the wall. This year the lVs are going to work on naming their emotions.

Something new this year for the lVs is they will now have a full day of school. They are excited about a new school year and are eager to turn five years old, a big milestone in their young lives. Another new thing that Lila and Mabel, IVsL, are excited for, is having lunch together for the first time. The IVs had no shortage of things to look forward to. “I am going to have a Captain Underpants party,” said a lV named George.

“I like working with blocks,” said a IV in Naomi’s group.

“I like making puzzles and drawing!” said Lila.

“Me too,” said Mabel. “We like doing the same things,” she added. The IVs seemed also to like going to the Roof Yard because they can use the carts. A IV in the classroom was making “a big, big train station.”

Henry, in Liana’s class, was as busy as a bee on the Roof Yard creating a house. He was kind enough to explain that the bowls of rocks were food for his fish. Henry also gave us an in-depth tour of the stairs leading up to his shower.

Although school has been in session only a few weeks, both groups of IVs already seem to be functioning quite smoothly. After one IV accidentally hit another while wiping his hands, Liana reminded him to apologize, but also told the other child, who was upset, that it might have been an accident. Once Liana had taken this initial step to help them solve the issue, the IVs seamlessly got over their problem and went back to their busy new lives.

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