Phones Are At Home, But Should They Be At School?

As you walk down the street, you may see a person listening to music on their phone, or sitting in a cafe window on Snapchat. People everywhere are on their phones. Even some schools allow their students to have their phones. However, the City and Country school does not.

According to Oxford Learning, “Students check their phones in the classroom an average of more than 11 times a day.” Everytime they check their phone, their focus dissolves and they get distracted from their school work. This can create a big problem for student’s grades and test results if they are not focusing on what is being taught and are on their phones. As Trayshia Rogers, one of the XIIIs teachers, expressed, “The XIII’s focus can easily be derailed. Phones will only add to this situation.” Teachers at the City and Country school agree with the decision to ban phones in school.

On the other hand, cell phones can also be very helpful to children in school. Students could use their calculator or check their schedules on their phones which would let them develop better study habits like time management and organization skills. The students at City and Country agree with this and argue that it can be helpful.

Chase Holness, a XIII, who came to City and Country after being in a public school that allowed phones, expressed that it is very different from her old school. When she was asked what people used their phones for, she told us, “during lunch and recess people would use their phones. I would use it as a calculator during school but that's about it.”

Zoe Rutkovsky, a high school student at Packer Collegiate, said something similar to what Chase said. “Although we are allowed to have phones all the time, I don't use mine that often. If anything, I just use mine to check my schedule.” Students at City and Country argue that phones would be a helpful resource to have during school yet the teachers disagree. Phones can distract kids when they may be missing important information that is on the test the next day. Both sides present valid arguments, yet City and Country remains a no phone school.

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