How Anxiety Affects Our Students

Anxiety has risen and has become an epidemic. 39% of Americans have been feeling more anxious and recently anxiety has been affecting our students. School may provide students with an exceptional education, but it also provides students with unnecessary stress. Anxiety disorders affect 1 in every 4 students, between 13-18 years old.

City and Country is a very different environment than other schools and some students believe there is no reason to be stressed here. “Nothing should be stressful. We don't have grades, we don't have many tests! Everyone’s nice, no one should be stressed.” This is what an anonymous student answered when asked what was stressful about C&C. Although we don’t get grades or get tested very often, plenty of the students in the City and Country community expressed a different opinion about school. “Homework, getting things done on time, not living up to teacher’s expectations.” is what another anonymous student said was stressful about school. “I find it very stressful when teachers call on you when you are not raising your hand.” “I know I should not, but a lot of the time I worry about what other people think.” These were the responses of several other students in the C&C community. In particular 58.1% of the Upper school thinks homework is by far the most stressful aspect of school. This is understandable, with all the pressure of being prepared for high school and managing deadlines.

Anxiety can turn school into unpleasant environment for students. Even at City & Country anxiety is a problem regardless of the supportive environment.

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