Emma Timbers, Xs

Emma Timbers is one of the brand new associates here at C&C and will be working with Molly and Megan in the Xs. She says her favorite aspect of C&C so far is that “students get to take ownership of their experience and the jobs program helps contribute to that.” Emma appreciates the collaborative feeling that exists in the school. She says that her ideal teaching environment is having a community where students feel safe enough to take risks and try new things. During her time before C&C, Emma worked a series of service-related jobs such as being a barista and working at a donut shop. These odd jobs continued until she eventually started teaching preschool and found how fulfilling teaching was, saying that “teaching feels like the hardest and most life-giving job I can do.” Emma studied poetry in college and enjoys writing in her spare time. She also likes running. More

interestingly, she experiments with playing the cello and piano. Emma’s likely to be a valuable asset to the Xs and the C&C community.

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