Domestic Abuse in the NFL

Around a month ago, professional football player Cayleb Jones was arrested for domestic assault. He is now one of the many, many players that have been arrested for the same reason. In fact, NFL players make up for 55% of domestic assault arrest in the U.S. This is a gigantic number that should not be nearly this high.

One of the more famous arrests was in early 2000 when the Denver Broncos’ Rod Smith was arrested for allegedly choking and beating his wife. Rod smith was a star on the team and even went on to play for 6 more years despite the disturbing accusation. Another well known name is Santonio Holmes, who was arrested in 2010 for throwing a glass at his girlfriend in a nightclub, resulting in multiple stitches. Santonio was also charged with assaulting his wife and child in 2006. This is a widespread problem in the NFL, with really no rhyme or reason. Some say that it could be from the player’s head trauma, while others say it’s because of their inflated egos.

We took a survey here at City and Country, and over 62% of the people we surveyed said that they didn’t know of any recent arrests in the NFL. If this is such a problem, then why isn’t it on the news so much? Is it because it happens just too often, or because the media doesn’t care about it.

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