Brandy Melville: One Size Does Not Fit All

Going shopping for new clothes is always exciting because you never know what you will find. Brandy caters to teenage girls and young adults too, but there are many different types of bodies. If you go into Brandy Melville, they might not have your size, since all of their clothing is either “one size fits all” or XS/S. Seeing models with thin legs and tiny cinched waists could possibly affect the way that young girls perceive body image.

While Brandy did try to incorporate different sizes for their jeans, it was a complete bust. Their Medium is a typical Small (26 in) and their Large is what the majority of stores consider a Medium (28 in).

When asked why they shop there, one student answered “I love the style of all their clothing because it is old-fashioned and new,”another says “I love the style of their clothes. Its comfortable and cute at the same time.”

“Of course, You can't just carry XS and S, especially if you are as big as Brandy is. Carrying on XS and S makes it seem like those sizes are "normal" and if your not one of those sizes than it makes it seem like your body isn't "ideal".” This is what one student thinks about Brandy Melville only stocking one size. “It is basically creating a barrier for people who can’t fit the sizing, and most people who can fit are fairly small and skinny,” says Jane Darman, who thinks that by limiting their sizes, Brandy Melville is basically body-shaming young girls. “Yes! I think that the clothes are fairly small and might possibly make girls want to lose weight in order to fit into them which is unfair to those girls because they should just be happy with the way they look” says one anonymous student who thinks that by limiting their sizes, Brandy is also limited to a specific type of clientele.

Just because Brandy Melville caters to a specific body type does not mean that females should feel that it is necessary to reflect Brandy’s ideal body type. People come in all shapes and sizes, proving, once again, that one size does not always fit all.


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