Katie Goldman, VsW

Katie Goldman is the new VsW Associate. This year she will teach with Will. Before teaching at City and Country School, Katie taught at Corlears School on West 15th Street, which is four blocks away from City and Country. At Corlears School, Katie taught a “mixed age class of three and four-year-olds for three years.” Katie grew up in Long Island and pursued educational theater at New York University, then returned for one more year and got a masters degree in early childhood and special education. Katie said that “there is more creative freedom, open ended questions and open ended activities [at C&C].” She added that City and Country has the “outdoors space and block” program as she gestured out of the window of the VsW room. At this particular moment the VIIs were outside in the River Yard, some playing tag, others

on the monkey bars or slide. This was an example the freedom C&C students have to choose whatever they want to do in the River Yard, as well as the Block Yard and in the classroom.

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