IIIs Kick Off the New School Year

The IIIs are starting off the year with a blast. They are filled with excitement for what this year will bring.

Vibrant paintings are scattered against the white walls of the IIIsR classroom. Laughter and elated shrieks fill the room. Each III is in their own little world of exploration. Robin Sage, the IIIsR teacher, says the best part about being a IIIs teacher is “watching them discover things for the first time.” Two IIIs were using their imaginations to pretend the water table is a kitchen. “I am making lunch and dinner,” said Oscar Edgerton, while playing with colorful sponges and a wooden spoon. He had a careful grip on his spoon as he rapidly mixed water in containers.

While Oscar experimented at the water table, another III was quietly sitting at the edge of a table, reading a picture book. He had a focused look on his face as he

stared at the images on the page. A group of IIIs were working together to construct a bridge, and others built independently. Several blocks were lined up across the floor and stacked up on top of each other. IIIs carefully removed blocks off the shelves and kept adding to their creations.

When asked what he was constructing, Sawyer Newton said, “I’m building a house. I’m seeing if I can put it back together.” He experimented with width and length, deciding what size to make his house. Next to Sawyer’s workspace, a few IIIs had built a fence using wooden blocks. Inside the fence, lay plastic baby dolls, covered with a heap of multicolored cloths.

As IIIsR explored new materials, IIIsA was getting accustomed to routines. In IIIsA, all the llls are new to City and Country. They were concluding their playtime and were helping out by picking up blocks off the floor. After this, they all ran towards the center of the room and formed a circle. The IIIs and their teacher Anisah Moonsammy stretched their bodies after a long day of learning. They reached for the sky, wiggled their fingers, and touched their toes. Then, they washed their hands and eagerly made their way to the snack table. After being asked what they liked to do in the IIIs, Zain Haider, Claudia Matthews, and Eden Black said, “I like to build with legos, breaking and cracking snack, and eat cow.” All of the IIIs were laughing and giggling as they cheerfully ate their snack. The IIIsC are working hard this year. Many IIIs have been exploring clay, paint and building with blocks. One of the IIIs, Elias, enjoys working with clay. This was the first time that IIIsC worked with clay and they all loved it. Elias said he was in the IIs where there are no blocks, so as a III his excited to have the opportunity to build with blocks. During block time, he wants to build a giant block building as tall as the XIIIs, called Pizzar. Robin Sage, Anisah Moonsammy, and Cathy November love their groups. They enjoy interacting with the IIIs and watching them explore. In a similar way, the IIIs are learning new things and adjusting to their new groups and school.

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