The XIIs Explore Greek Studies

As the Xlls settle into the beginning of the school year, here’s a look at what they have been up to. In Social Studies, the XllsS have been reading Black Ships Before Troy, a shorter and easier to read version of the Greek epic poem, The Iliad. Jack Kolz, XllsS, said, “We are also beginning to look at and think about Greek vases.”

The XllsP are learning about myths and what they explain. They’ve also read and learned about a poem called “Icarus,” by William Carlos William. Upcoming this year will be many trips to the MET for the Xlls to look at and gather information about their Greek studies.

In Math “We are experimenting with polyhedrons, and 3D polygons,” said Lars Mullarkey, XllsS. Meanwhile, in Science the Xlls are learning about different types of rocks, and the earth.

This year the XIIs have Electives, a new privil

ege. In Electives, students get to plan their own projects, whether a movie, a photography montage, or a creation of different materials. There are many options to choose from. “Electives are scary,” said Penelope Clark, XllsP.

What the Xlls are most excited for, however, are the lVs. The Xlls job and privilege is being able to work with the lVs. Everyday, the Xlls are allowed to visit the lVs classroom for about an hour to observe, help and play with them. At the end of the day, the Xlls get to walk the lVs down to their parents or babysitters, who will be waiting in the lobby our outside. The school year has just begun, and the Xlls have hit the ground running, already into their Greek studies.

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