The VIs: Balancing Their Year One Step At A Time

“The VIs are working hard and are eager to learn,” said Erin Teesdale, Group teacher of the VIsE.

This year the students are transitioning well from the Vs to the VIs. They have been learning about classroom routines and also the new responsibilities of being in the group. “The VIs have embarked on their study of the neighborhood which will last several weeks,” said Tara DiGerlando, group teacher of the VIsT.

The VIsE started the year creating teamwork collages to understand the importance of the group as a whole. The VIs have learned three new games: Racing Dice, Seven Snakes, and SPLAT. But what are these games?

“Racing Dice and Seven Snakes are addition games that involve rolling two die and adding to get the sum,” said Erin. “SPLAT is a counting game that happens with the whole Group.” The VIs math program is already on the upswing.

“They will research the neighborhood and the places they observe there,” said Tara. “We will begin our language arts work soon.”The other VIs have started their trek through literature by writing a story through a picture. They have also had two free builds this year in the classroom to get back into using the blocks.

Speaking of blocks, it has been the favorite activity of most VIs so far this year. The VIs have also enjoyed drawing, normal Yard, and their first year of P.E. with teacher Victoria Meluzin. They have so far learned just Gaga but are excited for more. However, P.E. is not the only opportunity for celebration: “I’m looking forward to woodworking,” said Katya, VIsT. Although the teachers and students are excited for the school year, some kids look forward to events outside of academics. “I’m excited for the Spring Fair,” said Caspian, VIsE. Many of the VIs are looking forward to the Spring Fair later this year, probably because of the mouth-watering cakes and treats, and also the fun party games. The VIs also like their teachers a lot. “Erin and Josh are very sweet,” said both Zen and Julian of the VIsE. The VIs will be going on many trips this year, something that is also new. “They will mostly go on trips around the block, observing the neighborhood and studying their community,” said Tess, an Associate teacher in the VIsT. The VIs seem eager to learn anything new about their community. “I think we are going to have a lot of fun together this year.” said Erin. “The VIs will be doing a lot and we’re excited to see where the year takes us.” said Tara. This year seems very exciting not only for the VIs, but for the teachers as well.

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