The VIIs Build the Foundation of Their Year

The VIIs have had an exciting first few weeks at school. They have been building with blocks, writing stories, and making new friends. Playing with blocks is always a favorite activity in the Lower School. It is the VIIs’ last year with blocks, so they put time and effort into block building.

Milo Salmon, VIIsC, said that “everybody loves block building.” Every day the VIIs decide what structures they want to build. These structures are then taken down a few days later, which according to Conor Keane, VIIsC, is the worst part of block building.

This process greatly contrasts with the experience that the current XIIIs had when they were in the VIIs. They had to take down their buildings at the end of the day, while the VIIs get to continue their builds. This gives them an opportunity to be creative and problem solve with their friends.

Not only is building every day fun for them, but it is also practice for making the Brooklyn Bridge later in the year, a highlight of the VIIs.

The VIIs are also making block people out of wood from Shop. They draw on these wood people to give them lives and personalities. Finally, they bring these block people into their builds.

Conor, made a boxing ring in Shop and then made his “block people battle in it.”

Anabel Aram has been working on a clothing store for the last few days. Although she has not made any sales, she said that she “enjoys running the clothing store.”

Conor enjoys the whole process of making the figures and then incorporating these different figures into his builds. Making block people gives the VIIs the opportunity to be creative about whatever they want to build.

Overall the VIIs said that they are enjoying their year so far and can’t wait for more fun and learning to come.

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