The New Door

Over the Summer, a new bullet-resistant door was installed in the lobby of the 13th Street Building. According to Mindy Schefen, the door and its installation cost close to $48,000. The reason the new door cost so much is, in part, because of the materials used and how much heavier it is than the old door. As a result, a new door support had to be put in. This new door frame goes into the wall, so one would have to demolish part of the wall to remove the door. The new door also won’t contract or expand with weather or time.

During the installation process, the old door and frame were removed. Then workers built a new door opening. They changed the size of the door opening and made the new door frame. The interior and exterior walls were refurbished, and they installed the new door and the new lock. Overall the installation process went smoothly, and there were no surprises.

The windows in the VlllsN are in fact bullet-resistant. Of course, the exorbitant costs, raises a question with no real answer. Do we spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on security or do we accept the risk of lower security and divert money to other things, like new equipment for classrooms and scholarships. According to Walt Shepherd, C&C’s Director of Facilities, “There’s a whole philosophical problem of how much you want to treat a school as a walled fortress. The idea of the school is to be a welcoming place, but in this day and age, there’s tension between the ideal of being welcoming, while also being secure.” There are plans to make more things bullet-resistant, but it’s a matter of where the school’s priorities, money-wise, are.

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