The New Director of Facilities; Walt Shepard

Walt Shepard is the new Director of Facilities, which means he helps keep the school safe and functional by “enhancing and supporting the maintenance team.” He worked at the Blue School then went to the Hudson Yards. after he finished at the Yards, he wanted to work in a community, and he decided City and Country would be the perfect place to work.

Walt has a wife, a two-year-old daughter and another child on the way. Walt said, “I’ve always been around kids so I’m happy to be at City and Country where there are lots of kids.” As I was interviewing him, he emphasized that he wanted children in the community to ask questions about anything and everything. He said if you’re curious about new chairs or the new door, he said, “Try me.”

Walt’s job is making sure that the school is as safe and functional as possible. Walt said,”Lighting is really important.” He wants to make all the lighting in the rooms equal. He said he has visited a few rooms that are dully lit, and there are some that are perfectly lit. He wants to make sure that all children at C&C can learn equally because all rooms meet the groups’ needs. Walt wants to help C&C manage the space we have as best as we can, before we try to build an entirely new building. He said, “It will happen sooner than later, but eventually I would like to build a whole new building.” He thinks it is very important that we have a gym that is more easily accessible than 201.

Walt’s job is mostly behind the scenes, but he said sometimes he would like to answer children’s questions and help the community. Although creating a new building as a gym and all-purpose area is important, that comes later. He said, “The school needs our own gym or all-purpose area but short term, I want to make 201 work better.”

Walt is an ambitious person and he will definitely change this school for the better. He has some groundbreaking ideas and it is just a matter of time before the whole community feels and sees the work of Walt Shepard.

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