The IIs Begin

While everyone else gets back into the hang of school, the IIs are just beginning. Everything is new for them such as the classroom, the toys, and even the teachers. “They are still in their ‘phase-in period’,” said Sarah Hance, the IIs teacher. The phase-in period is the time when the class comes in half at a time with their parents for 45 minutes. After two weeks, their time at school will slowly increase and their parents will stay for shorter periods. “The IIs year is about getting ready to come to school,” said Sarah.

Snack time is the IIs favorite time at school. The IIs who were once very interested in their work quickly clean up to get ready for snack. During clean up, the teachers sing a song about cleaning up your blocks which the parents join in on. Once everything is put away, the ravenous IIs rush to pick out their seat at the table. The seated IIs wait while

snack is distributed by the teachers. While to IIs munch on their snack, Sarah reads them a book. The IIs make many exclamations about the relationships in the book with their own life. For instance, Sarah was reading a book about animals during snack. “I don’t like Giraffes,” said a II, when a Giraffe popped into the story. When Sarah asked what animals she does likes, she exclaimed: “Gorillas are okay”.

Overall, most of the IIs are enjoying their time at school. Some of them love to wash the baby dolls in a tub and pretend to be their parents, while others like to paint masterpieces with primary colors like blue. But this is just the beginning. Who knows what the next week will hold in terms of adventure and excitement for the IIs at City and Country.

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