School Dress Codes, are They Necessary?

Various schools across the United States enforce dress codes. Some are stricter than others. For example, some schools have restrictions on everyday clothes and some have uniforms. Most students argue dress codes are unfair because they cannot wear skirts or shorts above the knees or show too much skin. “I think dress codes are targeting girls,” Roland Levy expressed. “I don’t even get how shoulders can be sexualized,” he said while laughing. The majority of students at City and Country think most, if not all, of the rules are directed towards females. The biggest reason why dress codes are enforced is because administrators think showing too much can distract other students from their work. Clothing is a big part of students’ identities. What a person wears says a lot about him/her/them and expresses personality. It represents moods and emotions in a way other things cannot. “It’s restricting part of you,” Mia Rutkovsky remarked. Many students also think clothing defines identity and it should not be restricted. Other people recognize the importance of clothing choice but also see where dress codes could be helpful and where they are needed. A student who wishes to remain anonymous said, “I understand having certain limits to clothing so that people don't wear super inappropriate clothes.”

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