Samantha Miller, VIIsR

Samantha "Sam" Miller is the new VIIsR Associate. This is actually her third year at City and Country, but she was away last year teaching Kindergarten at the Brearley School. Sam first discovered City and Country after graduate school, when her friend told her about it. During her first year here, she was a floater throughout the entire school, and during her second year, she became an Associate with the VIIs. Sam went to Columbia University for college where she studied philosophy and education. When asked why she wanted to teach at City and Country she said, “I’ve heard great things about this school, and I really believe in and support everything about it.” Sam said that she especially agrees with Caroline Pratt’s philosophy of learning from children and said that she is learning everyday.

“The children [at C&C] really have more of a voice, as well as much more freedom and responsibility.” She added that the blocks and the social studies emphasis are both things that are different about City and Country from most other schools. Sam’s first impressions of City and Country were that both students and teachers seemed happy. “It really seems like a place that people enjoy coming to.”

During her time as a floater, Sam got a chance to teach not only the Lower School, but also the Middle and Upper School (something that is different for her). “Every year students definitely get a lot more responsibility. The older kids definitely have a lot of independence, and are almost like the leaders of the school.”

Outside of school, Sam loves to read, play the fiddle, spend time with her cat, and play soccer (she was even the coach for the C&C team). Sam’s goals are to be the best teacher she can be and to connect with and have a positive impact on her students. She strongly believes in the school’s philosophy and is clearly a perfect fit for City and Country.

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