Pasta Flyer: The McDonald’s of Pasta

Pasta flyer is a relatively new restaurant where you can get pasta to go for good prices. The restaurant opened its doors on October 30th, 2017. It is owned by Mark Ladner and his wife Nastassia Lopez. The restaurant was set to open earlier, but because of the place priorly being a chipotle, renovations were in order, so the opening was sent back months. The place cooks traditional Italian pasta dishes with a modern twist. It is completely and utterly cash-free. This seems like a reocurring New York trend, as local food chains have gone cashless, such as Sweet Green, Dos Toros, and Dig Inn.Ma

rk has already had italian cooking experience, working at an incredibly expensive Italian restaurant called Del Posto. The restaurant is located on 85 10th Ave, and is part of Mario Batali’s Italian fine-dining empire, so It is reassuring to have him behind the wheel in this uniquely fast-paced business.The renovations took a full six months so when customers walk in, they order to the left with a person who makes their pasta right in front of them. As diners move down the line to the cashier at the right, food is ready by the time they’re done paying; a very, very quick system. Mark and Natassia opened the restaurant for the purpose of it becoming the “McDonalds of pasta” in the long run, due to its cheap pricing and quick service. I can see it in the future! I have actually gone to the place before, and the pasta is cooked nicely al dente and the sauces are packed with flavor. My favorites so far are the garlic dots and the fettucine alfredo. Obviously, the quick service stood out to me. I recommend this place to anyone with a lack of time but also in the mood for a good meal. Bon Appetit!

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