Nweni Loo

Nweni Loo is excited to join the City and Country faculty this year as the Lower School and Community Life Administrative Associative. She assists Millie Cartagena and Jane Clark with their work, supports teachers in the Lower School, and helps out wherever she is needed. Nweni is thrilled to work at City and Country and says she “likes the sense of community” at our school.

Nweni’s family moved to Queens, New York, from China when she was only four years old. Growing up, Nweni struggled with fitting into American culture as an immigrant. She then entered the educational field and has now been an administrator/teacher for fifteen years. For ten of those years, Nweni worked for non-profits where she helped underprivileged children with their homework and taught them tennis. Nweni came to us from the Storefront Academy in Harlem and is settling into her new home at City and Country.

Nweni arrived at C&C in June and has been working all summer. She hopes to get “acquainted with the kids” and familiarize herself with our community. Nweni explained that she is a flexible person and loves “to pitch in.” One of her struggles is that she can get “very obsessed with details.” She has to organize everything in her office, which is located on the top floor of the Thirteenth Street Building.

This year Nweni hopes to improve the rooftop garden, then move on to other gardens around the school. She also suggested that kids could run the rooftop garden and that during the summer we could donate any leftover food towards a charity, like Daisy’s Food Pantry. Nweni is one of our newest and most amicable faces at C&C. If you ever see Nweni, remember to introduce yourself to her or just say hello.

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