Nica Delbourgo, VIIIs

Nica Delbourgo is the new VIIIs Associate. She is a City and Country alum who graduated in 2010. She attended Calhoun for high school and Skidmore College where she studied education. Nica started at City and Country in the IIIs and came back for an internship. After graduating college, she knew she wanted to come back and teach at City and Country.

Nica said, “Teaching at City and Country, I can really see the other side of being a student. I find it fascinating to know the thinking behind a lot of things I probably took for granted as a student.” Nica also now knows that many things she didn’t understand as a student were actually purposeful and made sense from the perspective of a teacher. When asked about her first impressions of City and Country, she said the kids seem very nice, and the staff is “warm and welcoming.”

This is Nica’s first year as a teacher, and she’s enjoying it. When she was in the Xs, she knew that she wanted to become a teacher. Nica loves the VIIIs program. She said that it is especially interesting because they are going into middle school for the first time. When asked about what is different about City and Country from other schools he said, “Definitely the Jobs program. I’ve been to schools similar to City and Country, but none of them has had anything like the Jobs program.” Coming back to C&C after being gone for eight years, Nica said, “The school is a lot bigger. I mean, my XIIIs class only had 13 people in it.” Outside of school Nica likes Harry Potter and was even on her college’s Quidditch team. In addition to that, she likes sitcoms as well as singing and was also in an acapella group. Nica said that her primary goal is to become a head teacher at City and Country. She’s looking forward to teaching here and will make a great addition to the City and Country community.

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