Naomi Osaka's Success

On September 8, Naomi Osaka defeated Serena Williams during the 2018 US Open. The match should have been remembered for the first Japanese player to earn the Grand Slam Title, but it was only remembered for how Serena started an argument with the umpire and how it lead the match to sexism with the umpire. Naomi's victory was overshadowed by the dispute that arose when Serena defended herself from the umpire during the match. It resulted in Serena losing a point in the second set. The punishments given was claimed by Serena, sexist. She has been faced many times with sexism over her entire career. During this match Serena was show sexism by smashing her racket while many previous men in other matches have smashed multiple rackets and even verbally abused the umpire. Serena only called the umpire a thief because he took a point off from her, while he has been called worse names by other men. Those male tennis players swear at umpires and got less punishment and their scores did not change. To me, what the umpire did was wrong. So what does that tell you? While Naomi was receiving her trophy after the match, she was clearly upset and, during her acceptance speech, apologized to the crowd. In an interview with the Today Show on Monday morning, the Naomi discussed the match and her reactions. Naomi said that, as Serena's penalties rolled in, she wasn't entirely sure what was happening. "I didn't really know what was going on because I went to the back and I had my back turned. And then, before I knew it, she was saying there was a game penalty, so I was a little bit confused throughout the whole thing," she said. Hearing this coming from Serena's opponent, Naomi, shows that Serena's claim was not just a claim to her, but also to others. Not only did top athletes agree, but also some teachers and students from C&C. Megan Holland said, "...I watched videos of the interactions between Williams and the umpire, which seemed unfair! It seems that this umpire pushed a harsh punishment on WIlliams and many wonder if he would have done the same if she had been a white person or a male." Also, Bryan Lau stated, "That Naomi Osaka won the game, and that Serena Williams demanded an apology from the umpire, and that Serena Williams said that there was cheating, sexism, and racism involved in the game." Many people are coming to realise the sexism and the unfairness that happened between Serena William, Naomi Osaka, and the umpire, Carlos Ramos.

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