Lindsay McGrath, IVs

Lindsay McGrath is one of the new Associates this year. She is working with Naomi Selwyn and Liana Stampur in the IVs.

When asked about her opinions of C&C, she said, “I love it so far!” She enjoys the home visits with the IVs, the Roof Yard, and the IVs/XIIs program. When asked, Lindsay said her ideal teaching situation is being in a small group with four-year-old kids. She said this environment allows her to build a meaningful relationship with each of the children's families and the children.

Lindsay started her career in 2012 teaching English in Spain. She has also taught pre-k and afterschool. She has taught in several schools including P.S 89, Bank Street School for Children, and a school called Little Bridge. When asked what drew her to City and Country, she said “The philosophy of the school is what would keep me here for a long time.” She also said she admires the amount of play and imagination that goes into everyday activities like picking up supplies or gathering for a meeting. Lindsay’s overall opinion of City and Country is that it is a unique school. She said, “I would say C&C has a really strong focus on its curriculum.” This means that C&C has a very particular way of teaching and Lindsay, like many people this year, is eager to learn the ways of this school and become a part of C&C History.

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