Libby Clark, New Smiling Face of C&C

The ideal receptionist for most people is kind, empathetic, funny, and warm. Libby Clark fits that welcoming image and so much more. She has achieved most of her dreams and is ready to start another adventure in her life. “I am super excited to be here and hope every kid will come to introduce themselves to me,” Libby said with a smile.

Libby grew up in New York City and Long Island. She went to school on Long Island until high school when she went to West Dover boarding school. Libby then graduated from Lake Forest College in Illinois with a major in psychology. After college, Libby realized she wanted to do something fun and more interesting than psychology. Television!

Libby then worked as a television Associate Producer and Production Manager at NBC and Lifetime. “I mostly worked for live talk shows,” Libby said. Her favorite television production she helped with was the Thanksgiving Day Parade on NBC. “I wanted to explore all my various interests. A passion for television production and theater. An interest in fitness. Finally, I wanted to work with kids, so the school environment proved to be the best fit!”

Libby also worked on special events at the Dwight School on the Upper West-side and as a Regional Sales Manager for a fitness company called Town Sports International. However, Libby still has one job which she has not scratched off her bucket list. “I wanted to do voice-overs for animation. I still hope to do that in the future though!”

Libby was also a competitive swimmer when she was little. “Sometimes I’ll swim one and one-half hours at the bay, so I still swim tough,” Libby said with a grin. In addition to her love of swimming, Libby is a big reader. Although she says she was not the best student, she developed most of her love of reading at school.

Libby is going to be a great receptionist at City and Country. She is also smart, educated, and has experiences in many different jobs. Libby is fascinating to talk to and a woman who has achieved many of her dreams. “City and Country is a nice career change,” she said. “The kids are great, the teachers are great, and I was drawn to the warm collaborative community.”

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